Postpartum Bath Herbs


The concept of Mum Bub Hub grew from a combination of our professional backgrounds and our individual experiences as Mothers.

Our experiences made us realise that there wasn’t a wellness line dedicated solely to the unique needs of new mothers. One that created a space to allow us to get to feel at home in our new bodies.

So we wanted to create a company with a strong voice communicating the importance of self-care and support for new mothers. One that acknowledged the inherent strength and beauty that comes with motherhood.



We are huge advocates of self-care because we know that once baby arrives, very few take the time to really check how Mum is doing and it can be such a vulnerable time for us. We realised that “me-time” was super limited and indulgence and self-care tend to go out the window.

Our products are a nudge to remind women to take a few minutes out of their day to self-care. Our hope is that we help mothers to give themselves permission to take care of themselves too, to carve out space for their needs, because true nurturing starts with us.


Our Roots


Mum Bub Hub is a social enterprise in East London that aims

to bridge the gap in perinatal care for vulnerable and at-risk women.

Mum Bub Hub is rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new mothers by encouraging and supporting our well-being, physically and emotionally. We believe that all women deserve to have an informed postpartum experience, and the resources to sustain their wellbeing in a holistic and accessible manner.

At the heart of Mum Bub Hub, is our passion for empowering mothers and families through their transition into parenthood. The MBH Brand is built on honest conversations that encourages mothers and women to incorporate self-care into their recoveries. To make space to care for themselves during the postpartum period.

Our Mission

As a social enterprise, all the profits from each product we sell goes directly toward providing access to free perinatal education/support on top of standard maternity care. We also provide access to free tailored specialist support to women who are finding it hard to access any support due to lack of finances, being on waiting lists, or for those who need support but do not know how to access it.

We are committed to advocating for mothers – before, during, and after pregnancy. It’s really important to us that we’re able to provide a platform as well as support for women within our communities, as they’ve inspired us to create Mum Bub Hub.



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