Deflated Balloon

    This past week has been one of the worst weeks of my life.

    We spent the week before in Hongkong. It was a fun trip! We spent 2 days in Disneyland which is truly the happiest place on Earth! I swear, even at the age of 34, my heart still dances with excitement when I see Mickey Mouse. Haha!

    It rained unexpectedly when we were there and the perfect 18C felt like it was 10C! I only brought a single spring jacket. I didn't expect it to that cold.. and of course, I got sick the next day. I had high fever and cough and because we were all in the same room, everyonce caught it. :(

    Ellie's fever went up as soon as we got home. I brought her to her pedia the next morning because I was scared of bronchitis or penumonia. She was really feeling irritable. She wanted to be held all the time. She was crying too. Dra. Teodoro allowed us to go home with the condition that we bring her to the ER if her appetite decreases to half her usual. At 3:00pm, Ellie has only drank 10oz of milk. I texted Dra. and she told us that it's better to confine her. We rushed her to CSMC. Ellie's fever that time was already 40.3C. I was so scared. Thank God my parents went there to help me. I wasn't feeling well that time so I was at the brink of blacking out.

    My poor baby was traumatized with the residents at the Pedia ER because they couldn't put her IV properly. They inserted the needle and FISHED INSIDE! They did it 4x!!! I get that Ellie is chubby but man, please don't practice with my daughter. My dad stopped them and requested for an Anesthesiologist. I talked to her pedia as well as Ellie's godmother doctor, Isaah, and they contacted the best one, Doc Marmie. She was the one who took care of me when I delivered Ellie. Doc Marmie was able to get a hold of Dra. Oracion, a pedia anes. She was fantastic. She was able to get the IV in, even with no visual! Amazing!

    Anyway, we stayed at the hospital for a total of 3 nights. Ellie wanted me to carry her even when she slept so I stayed with her in bed. She cries EVERY SINGLE TIME a doctor or nurse comes into the room and we all know how many times that is, even in the middle of the night. Her eyes were puffy and her voice was hoarse from all that crying. It took all I had not to cry too. I had to suppress my emotions because I had to be strong for her. I had no choice.

    Truly, being a mom makes you stronger than ever. I don't even know how I survived the week. I still feel like a deflated balloon. I'm just glad that Ellie's home safe and sound now. 

    Thank you to everyone who prayed for her recovery. Some even sent me private messages for prayer intentions in Church. I really appreciated all the support.

    Thank you Lord for healing my daughter. Nothing is impossible with You.


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