Happy Birthday My Little Ninja

    Dearest Ellie,

    I can't believe it's already been a year since I delivered you. Time really does pass quickly. I still remember when Papa and I were unsure if we will ever be blessed with a child. We prayed so hard for you and God delivered His promise when the the pregnancy test turned positive on November 23, 2017. I can still recall how I woke up early because your dad was going to the gym and I remembered that Dr. Milla instructed me to start taking my meds to regularize my period. I took the test "just because". I wasn't even wearing my glasses and I had to squint to see the results. I quickly showed your dad but he was still in denial! He went to work like nothing happened. It was only when he came home that he jumped with joy! Anyway, I took another test, this time using Clear Blue to make sure. It was faint but it was definitely positive!























    Because we really couldn't believe it, we took so many pregnancy tests that month! We got so excited everytime it turned positive!

    The journey wasn't easy. I had tachycardia, gestational hypertension and gestational diabetes starting my second trimester. I was hospitalized 3x and had to take so many vitamins. From going to the doctor 1-2x a year, the hospital now became my second home. There were so many tests to be done to make sure that you will be healthy. I thank God that even though I was weak most of the time, He protected and took care of you. You always got a 9/9 for your BSP.

    I was induced at 36 weeks but you refused to come out! I was stuck at 1cm for 2 days! Haha. It was at 12MN when my doctor decided to give me a C-Section. You were finally born at 1:38AM with your Papa cutting the umbilical cord. 

    When I was out of the fog, Mama was so happy to see you. You were so cute and small. It was amazing to see you in person!

    Oh, how we love you pretty girl! The next months went by so fast. You learned things quickly. Now, you are a smart, bubbly and very malikot little ninja. We are so proud of you baby. Always remember that we will here for you no matter what. We love you so much!




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