It's Ellie's 2nd Birthday!

    I have mixed emotions in welcoming my little ninja's second birthday. First, of course, is this pandemic and the rising number of cases daily. We had to cancel E's party and instead planned a small celebration at home with just us and our yayas. I count myself lucky because we were still able to stay open throughout the ECQ, despite limited manpower. Thank to you all mommies, who continuously trusted and supported us throughout this time. Second is realizing that my baby girl is growing up so fast that it amazes me how much she can do already. Looking at her run and discover new things makes me both happy and quite emotional.

    Focusing on the positives -  I wanted to write a short letter for Ellie so she can read it when she gets older. Hopefully websites and blogs are still functional in 16 years. 😅

    My dearest ninja Ellie,

    You're turning 2 tomorrow. I am so proud of who you are becoming. I used to feel bad because everyone says you look like your dad.. Now that's you're growing up, I see more of myself in you and I couldn't be happier.

    You are brave. You push yourself to reach something - climbing beds, chairs, sofas, or whatever can help you achieve your goal. Eventhough our dogs are bigger than you, you still like to play with them.

    You are smart. You have memorized the alphabet and can count from 1-20. You know how to identify so many animals and things!

    You are loving. You hug anyone of us who cries and tap our shoulders to comfort us. 

    You are generous. You have a good heart.

    Baby, I pray everyday that God guides you to grow up to be someone of which He can be proud and I thank Him everyday for giving us our miracle baby. 

    Thank you for making me a mom and I wil try my best to do you proud. I love you. ❤️


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