The Panasonic UV Room Sterilizer has been lab tested and can kill germs and bacteria such as mold, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus , E.coli, bacteria, Influenza virus, dust mites, fungi. With 360 UV light radiance around the lamp, your room will be sanitize and all the surface area will be free of germs and bacteria.

Kills contaminants in the air that can causes asthma and allergies. Dust mites is one of the main reason for these allergies.

There are millions of living organisms floating around in the air. This UV Lamp can kill 99.9% of them. You will be sure that the air and surface in you room is clean with the Panasonic UV Room Sterilizer.

Safety Features:

The list of safety features includes

  • Smart touch sensor reminder beep
  • Intelligent Human Body Induction sensor
  • Child Lock Function
  • Tilt power down
  • Self-test function

1-Month Replacement Warrranty

Panasonic UV Room Sterilizer
PHP ₱ 7,950.00

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